Countering Aggression & Personal Safety Training (CAPS)

CAPS is a unique one day personal safety and self defence course designed for any public facing profession where staff may face a risk of encountering a potentially violent situation or an assault. This course has been approved and accredited by the NOCN.

Health and Safety legislation places a duty of care on employers to take all reasonable steps to promote the health, safety and welfare of their employees. Unfortunately, there is an increased risk of antisocial behaviour in more recent times which can lead to individuals in all sorts of professions being exposed to the risks of aggression, assault and violence.

The CAPS course teaches people’s right to defend their selves from unlawful violence and shows them how to use conflict management techniques to defuse aggression and protect themselves from harm.

The training is delivered by qualified trainers using the most up to date research and teaching methodologies. The course is specific, adaptable and easy to learn. The training delivery, content and scenarios can be tailored to your company/employer requirements.

CAPS Video Overview

Advanced Countering Aggression & Personal Safety Training (ACAPS)

ACAPS is a two day course which expands on the CAPS course. This version of the course goes into more depth in regards to the physical intervention techniques and is more suited to people who are at high risk of encountering conflict situations that could potentially lead to violence.

This is a version of the CAPS course designed for specific professions including mental healthcare, where staff may be required to use physical restraints, as well as self defence and breakaways. The restraints are designed to be as safe as possible for both staff and aggressor.

Both of the courses have an emphasis on reporting, recording and justification of using force and learners will be taught about the importance of producing written accounts of incidents.

ACAPS Video Overview

CAPS/ACAPS Course Content Including:

  • Conflict management and resolution theory and techniques in order to avoid the use of force where possible
  • Legal, professional and medical implications of using force including the difference between lawful force and what constitutes unlawful violence
  • Reducing the chance of harm during incidents where the use of lawful force is necessary
  • Self defence and breakaway techniques
  • Communication and teamwork in conflict situations
  • Post incident considerations and the importance of recording and justifying actions
  • (ACAPS only) Advanced Physical Intervention Techniques – Restraint Techniques
  • (ACAPS only) Use of Mechanical restraints – if required and applicable
  • (ACAPS only) Further use of scenarios, based upon employer/individual requirements



“The Personal Safety and Conflict Resolution training provided by ILM Associates is ideal for our Neighbourhood Enforcement staff. The trainer had excellent knowledge and experience of the type of incidents that our Neighbourhood Wardens would encounter and was able to tailor the training to meet our specific needs.  We had excellent feedback from the staff.  Some of the comments received included “the training incorporated a good mix of theory and practical” and “the breakaway and intervention skills taught were very simple, easy to learn and use”.

Vanessa Dodds
Durham County Council
Senior Organisational Development and Workforce Planning Officer
Neighbourhood Services