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Head Door Supervisor Training Course
Tony McMenamin - A1 Security
“Video Testimonial”
Train the Trainer L3 Conflict Management & Physical Intervention
Brent Davies
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Train the Trainer L3 Conflict Management & Physical Intervention
Jemma Warren
“Video Testimonial”
Train the Trainer L3 Conflict Management & Physical Intervention
Gavin Spence - WS Training
“Just wanted to say a massive thank you to ILM for the fantastic SIA course you put on for us. We as a company work with mainly unemployed people who mostly require help and extra training for them to gain sustainable employment, ILM delivered us a first class SIA course over a two week period, we have had lots of positive feedback from our customers saying how professional it had been conducted and how the tutor couldn’t do enough for our customers.

The week after the SIA course finished 3 of our customers have started work within the security industry and another two are awaiting job offers once their Licence comes through, I would say that is a brilliant outcome.

I would highly recommend ILM to anybody who wants professional, customer friendly training.

I can’t thank you enough ILM, you have made a big difference to our customers life.”

Carla Pearson - Business Manager - PHX Training Ltd
“Vinovium Associates Limited is a Security Company which currently employs about 50 staff. We have a constant need to recruit and maintain well trained employees to carry out the various contracts we operate in the area.
We have been working with ILM Associates over the past 18 months for candidates who have been trained in the role of Door Supervisor/Security Guarding and CCTV. Several of the candidates that achieved the afore-mentioned qualifications have since gone on to be employed by us on a full time basis. We have found ILM to be a professional company who deliver high quality training ensuring that we are able to employ candidates who can undertake security work from day one.
We have also used ILM to upskill a number of our exisiting staff especially in CCTV qualification so that we can maintain our current contracts and seek new contracts.
In our dealings with ILM we have always found them to be particularly approachable, knowledgeable and very helpful. We look forward to continuing our working relationship with them.”
Michael Hole - Operations Director - Vinovium Associates Ltd
“The Personal Safety and Conflict Resolution training provided by ILM Associates is ideal for our Neighbourhood Enforcement staff. The trainer had excellent knowledge and experience of the type of incidents that our Neighbourhood Wardens would encounter and was able to tailor the training to meet our specific needs. We had excellent feedback from the staff. Some of the comments received included “the training incorporated a good mix of theory and practical” and “the breakaway and intervention skills taught were very simple, easy to learn and use”
Vanessa Dodds - Durham County Council - Senior Organisational Development and Workforce Planning Officer
“I have recently completed a KPSS (Knowledge in Providing Security Services) course through ILM Associates and gained my Door Supervisors badge. I have recently just received a job in the security industry as a security officer at Durham train station. It was though contacts I met from ILM whilst on the course I found out about the vacancy so I would like to extend my gratitude and thanks to all at ILM especially Brian Dawson who was my course instructor for going above and beyond the necessary requirements in showing caring and understanding to the students after the course and always being there to help with any questions I had, thanks again.”
Paul Ellwood
” My name is Barry Venus I am 55 years old with over 18 years experience in the security industry, I have been unemployed since January of this year.
During my pursuit to get back to work I found out that you legally have to hold a SIA licence to work in the security industry, I obtained a place with ILM Associates Ltd, a local company that offers courses that enables you to get your licence. I attended a four weeks intensive Knowledge of Providing Security Services course which gave me Door supervision level 2, a NVQ level 2 in security and a CCTV level 2 qualifications.

The course was well constructed and easy to follow, the ILM instructor was excellent he was knowledgeable and very clear and precise in all his teaching .He was people friendly, he helped build my confidence to get me through the four weeks and the required exams. As I had no experience of these matters he gave me life changing skills.

It is therefore in my opinion ILM having been instrumental in my success in getting me both my licences, I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone considering a career in the security industry.

To any Blue Chip companies seeking security operatives of any type, ILM Associates Ltd can provide a well trained, trustworthy, well qualified body of people. They are a professional outfit dedicated to helping both the industry as a whole and people wishing to work in it.

They have my grateful thanks.”

Barry Venus
“My name is Jeff Willis I have had 20 plus years in Industrial painting, a very un-healthy profession. I fell out of work about 18 month ago and got the opportunity to take a door supervisor’s course which was delivered by ILM Associates Ltd. They have taught me just how much the industry has changed from old and that laws and licences have made it a very professional one. The tutor role didn’t end when the course was over. I know that if were to call one of them for advice, I would receive it. I hope that one day I will be able to work for ILM as a tutor and be able to repay them for what they have given me. I would like to wish ILM all the best for the future and once again say thank you.”
Jeff Willis
“My previous employment was Operations Manager for NUFC/SODEXO, I was in hospitality industry for 9 years organising many small to large functions from 10 people to 1000 people. One day after my daughter grew up and wasn’t depending on me I decided I needed a complete change in direction. I have always been interested in the security industry and really thought I could bring something to it but I was not confident because I thought that women in security is not really that common, I looked into it and decided to do a CCTV course, I came across ILM Associates and enrolled in a course, first it was a Doorman’s course then knowledge of security then CCTV. I was quickly reassured by the trainers that being female was not a problem and women were highly sought after in the industry. The course consisted of group of 9 learners who were all brilliant and supportive. The course content was very easy to understand and all problems that I encountered were dealt with in a very understanding and professional manner. I passed all the courses and now I am employed as an aviation security officer at Newcastle airport. I also know that ILM associates are at the other end of phone when I need advice. I can say that if it wasn’t for the training I received I wouldn’t have the career that I wanted, I believe due to my training I am more confident and believe I have lots more opportunities to look forward to in future.”
Heather Baldwin
“My name is David Rowntree I left the Armed Forces 11th Jan 2012 after 17 years service in the infantry. After leaving the services I was presented with a swift, sharp shock letting me know that I wasn’t qualified to do anything. After all that service I felt useless and worthy of nothing, First I attended a NMUK 7 week training course for possible employment at Nissan with Gateshead college. It seems that ex soldiers are sought after because of the discipline, I soon found that it will be a long waiting time to gain employment with them. Next I found out from the job centre plus that a firm from Durham was running courses for security I attended a course with a local company named ILM Associates.
The course was instructed by an ex-met policeman and the course consisted of 10 individuals ranging from ex-forces personnel to car rental manager, the course was a 3 week progressive instruction starting with 2 weeks common unit for the security industry followed sharply with Door Supervision course. The whole course was superbly run with the resources available and the final written test were well structured, each test after their own individual unit. Then culminating in a 1 day add on in the form of a Physical Intervention day which will be required by frontline operatives in the near future.

Approx 3-4 weeks later I received my certificates, I had passed the course, ILM Associates offered me a placement as soon as they had a space to attend a CCTV(PSS) Ops course. After attending the course I had just found that I have also passed that so the next for me is to gain the two licenses and register my numbers with ILM Associates via their ILM site to hopefully help me gain successful employment within the industry.

All in all the courses were well structured and well presented by very knowledgeable individuals with a wealth of knowledge within the industry, as well as outside the industry. I would with no hesitation recommend this course to any individual wishing to start within low level security, ie; CCTV ,Door Supervisor or static security.

Many Thanks to all ILM Associates for the opportunity to train with you.”

David Rowntree